Easiest Way to Make Tasty Colourful No-bake Cheesecake for Christmas

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Colourful No-bake Cheesecake for Christmas

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The ingredients needed to prepare Colourful No-bake Cheesecake for Christmas:

  1. Prepare of *Wine jello ingredients*.
  2. Use of Powdered gelatin.
  3. Provide of Water.
  4. Prepare of Water.
  5. Provide of Sugar.
  6. Use of White wine (clear apple or grape juice works too).
  7. Provide of Kirsch or Grand Marnier (or whatever you prefer).
  8. Get of **Unbaked cheesecake ingredients**.
  9. Get of Powdered gelatin.
  10. Prepare of Water.
  11. Use of Philadelphia cream cheese (brought to room temperature).
  12. Provide of Sugar.
  13. You need of Heavy cream.
  14. You need of Lemon juice.
  15. Get of Vanilla essence.
  16. Prepare of Strawberries.
  17. Use of kiwi + 1 teaspoon Kiwi and honey.
  18. Provide of ☆Philadelphia cream cheese.
  19. Get of ☆Honey.
  20. You need of to 2 tablespoons ☆Yogurt (unsweetened).
  21. Prepare of Dragée.

Instructions to make Colourful No-bake Cheesecake for Christmas:

  1. Soak the wine jello gelatin and the cheesecake gelatin separately in 2 tablespoons of water respectively. Cube the kiwi and strawberries into 5 cm and then either boil or microwave the kiwi with honey before cooling. If the kiwi is raw, the gelatin may not harden, so heat the kiwi over heat a little..
  2. Put 100 ml of water and 25 g of sugar into a heated saucepan, and remove from heat once the sugar has dissolved. Dissolve the soaked gelatin for the wine jello in water and sugar, and stir in the wine and Kirsch. I recommend using clear apple juice or grape juice for children or people with low alcohol tolerance..
  3. Soak the gelatin mould in water, and then put in a little of the gelatin (filling about 1 cm deep) before chilling in the fridge to set. After that, add the strawberries and kiwi in alternating sections on top of the set gelatin, and then pour in the remaining gelatin. Chill the wine jello into the fridge until firmly set..
  4. Blend the room temperature cream cheese until it is smooth and creamy, and then mix in sugar. Then, mix in heavy cream, lemon juice, vanilla essence (or Kirsch). Take the soaked gelatin for the cheesecake and microwave at 500 W for about 30 seconds to dissolve, and then add and mix it well..
  5. Pour the cheesecake batter over the jello mould, and chill in the fridge until set. When you take the cheesecake out of the mould, pour hot water into a bowl and soak the mould in it. After it has soaked, the outside of the cheesecake will thaw a bit and it will come out easily..
  6. Combine the ☆ marked cream cheese with honey and yogurt and put the mixture in a piping bag. Decorate the dish and use the dragées as toppings. When you slice the dish, the red, green and white layers will look very pretty. You could make this in pudding cups as well..
  7. I changed the amount of Philadelphia cream cheese from 250 g to 200 g by adjusting the amount of cream cheese (☆) in Step 6, but you can alter the recipe to suit your taste..

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