Easy Recipe: Delicious Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT

Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT. Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT Let's enjoy south Indian traditional dish in Mexican way bcuz it all due to challenges. #mymexican #madethis. Guac seems like it should be so easy. And it is easy to make!

Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT So if that sounds good to you, keep on reading! See recipes for Chicken Donuts too.. Today is National Guacamole Day, a.k.a. the Best Day Ever. You can cook Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT using 19 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT

  1. Prepare 1 cup of semolina or rava.
  2. It’s Half of cup curd.
  3. It’s 1 tsp of salt.
  4. Prepare 1 tsp of mix herbs.
  5. It’s 1 tsp of red chilli powder.
  6. It’s 1 tsp of turmeric.
  7. It’s 1 tsp of black pepper.
  8. You need 1 tsp of chaat masala.
  9. It’s 1 tsp of baking soda.
  10. You need as needed of Water.
  11. You need Half of cup finely chopped onion.
  12. Prepare 4 tbsp of guacamole or mashed avocado or chopped avocado.
  13. You need 1 tbsp of taco sauce.
  14. It’s 1 tbsp of sesame seeds.
  15. Prepare 2 tbsp of around boiled beans.
  16. You need Few of cranberry.
  17. You need Few of chopped almonds.
  18. It’s 1 tsp of mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
  19. Prepare 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste.

Here at Shape, we're firmly in the camp that simple is best, but everyone has a different idea of what really "makes" guacamole. Whether you prefer mild, spicy, savory, or a sweet flavor, there's a recipe for you on this list. Guacamole (Spanish: [wakaˈmole]; or [ɡwakaˈmole] ; can informally be referred to as "guac" in North America) is an avocado-based dip or salad first created by the Aztecs in what is now Mexico. In addition to its use in modern Mexican cuisine, it has also become part of American cuisine as a dip, condiment and salad ingredient.

Guacamole flavored rava spicy DONUT instructions

  1. Mix curd+semolina+baking soda and some water.rest it for 10 minutes.
  2. Roast cumin seeds and mustard seeds and add it to mixture.now add the ingredients left and whisk gently.
  3. I used pound cake pan.cut foiling sheet according to size of pan.set the sheet and grease with oil..
  4. Let take wide deep pan and add water.when start boiling pour the mixture in cake pan and set in in the wide pan and cover it.
  5. Let rest for at least 15 minutes to steaming it.check with toothpick.take out and let it cool down.serve after garnishing.
  6. Enjoy so yumm salty guacamole donut.stay safe stay healthy and happy with me.

Peas sound like an odd thing to put in guacamole, but they add a thicker texture and slight sweetness to the dip. Some reviewers were concerned it wasn't guacamole-like enough to even be compared to the other contenders, but almost everyone agreed it was very pleasantly flavorful. One reviewer said, "I like the salsa verde and smokiness. View Dunkin'® DDSMART® menu, Smart Swap options and nutrition information. Tortilla chips are undoubtedly one of the most popular dip-delivery vehicles out there, and they can be used in a variety of recipes too, from nachos to taco salad to tortilla soup.

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