Easy Recipe: Delicious Chummy's Donuts

Easy Recipe: Delicious Chummy's Donuts

Chummy's Donuts. See more ideas about yummy, dessert recipes, donut recipes. The Fluffiest Glazed Donuts Recipe ! Homemade Glazed Donuts ( Doughnut Recipe ) Learn how to make donuts that taste just like krispy kreme donuts if not.

Chummy's Donuts The glazed buttermilk was one of the best donuts I have ever had." Select from our wide range of delicious donuts and incomparable coffee. One of the best places in Chicago to get a variety of donuts that taste delightful & excellent coffee. Butter, cinnamon powder, corn oil, dry yeast, flour, milk, salt, white sugar. You can have Chummy's Donuts using 8 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chummy's Donuts

  1. Prepare 7 C of High-Gluten Flour.
  2. It’s 2 of eggs.
  3. It’s 6 tbsp of sugar.
  4. Prepare 2 Oz of Fresh Yeast.
  5. It’s 1/2 tsp of salt.
  6. It’s of (4 tbsp hot oil).
  7. Prepare 2 1/2 C of apple juice.
  8. It’s of Confectionery sugar.

Dunkin', also known as Dunkin' Donuts, is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company. The Bay Areas Craziest Donuts Is Back In Business. Amy's Donuts – We fry, bake, and serve the softest and fluffiest donuts daily. Traditional Donuts, Fancy Raised Donuts, Fancy Cake Donuts, Pigs in the Blankets, Organic Coffee.

Chummy's Donuts step by step

  1. Pour apple juice into a separate bowl – crumble fresh yeast into it and let it sit until activates\bubbles..
  2. Pour all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Make a well, like a ditch, in the center of the flour and add the wet ingredients including the apple juice\yeast into the well..
  3. You can either use a mixer with a dough handle or mix the dough by hand by shifting dry flour into the well and simply mix. Once it's a sticky mixture, knead it on a floured surface till it's smooth..
  4. Let it rise for an hour. Punch down. Rise for another 30 minutes. Then, separate a chunk and roll out the dough – form your donut shapes and place on individual parchment papers. Let it rise yet again for 15-20 minutes. Letting it rise mutliple times is the trick for fluffiness..
  5. The thing about deep-frying is that the donuts expand with the heat. If you want bigger donuts, don't simply roll into a ball – it will only become heavy and dense. Flattening out the dough also ensures a fluffier result..
  6. Heat up oil. Important that the oil is at 350F before you start deep-frying. If it's too hot then it will cook the outside faster than the inside – leaving you with an undercooked donut..
  7. A neat little trick I learned: If you don't have a food thermometer place the handle of a wooden utensil into the pot of oil. If small bubbles start to fizzle around the handle, it's hot enough. If it bubbles vigorously, it's too hot and the temp needs to be lowered..
  8. The dough may be sticky so either flour or oil a spoon that you will use. Drop your shaped dough into the ready oil..
  9. The dough tends to turn over while cooking. If it doesn't, turn over yourself. When both sides are a golden brown and its been frying for 7-8 minutes… you know it's ready. (P. S. make sure it's not bubbling vigorously!).
  10. Suggestion: try and experiment with one donut at a time with different sizes and shapes and see what shapes, sizes, and time results in the best donut..
  11. Cool off for a little bit but not too much that it's completely cooled down. Pour some confectionary sugar in a ziploc bag and plop some doughnuts into the bag – shake it up to get an even distribution of the sugary coating..
  12. (Experimentation is key! My first try with this recipe: the dough turned out like hot pretzel dough, like a sweet-bread. Tasted yum, but not quite the fluffy donut I wanted!).

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